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The Starting Point is Kindness

Every Word Counts

The Way of Islamic Tasawwuf

No Haya, No Life

The Spiritual Health

Spending Final Moments of Life in Virtuous Deeds

Causes of Guidance

Controlling Anger

Patience - A Gift from Allah

Practising az-Zuhd in the Dunya

The Partnership between Body and Soul

Repentance: The only Way out of Hardships

Do not be Weak nor Sad


Doing without the life of this world in preference for the Hereafter


Hiding the Mistakes of Others

A Most Beautiful Hadith Among All The Beautiful Ahadith

How to be Happy

Losing Identity: Dissolving in Others

Resisting the Urge to Compromise

Forgiveness & Facing Problems


In the Early Hours - Book


~click on the light & see where it takes you...~

The Hadeeth of Intention

In Search of the Body Beautiful

Some Words to Heal the Broken Heart

Why Should I Study?

Personality Development in Islam

A Heart Unmoved, A Spirit Uninspired

The Mysteries of the Human Soul

Patience and Gratitude

Migration to Allah

The Moral System Of Islam


The Meaning of Nafs

Spirits are Conscripted Soldiers





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