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Beautiful Dua -
Shaykh Mishary Rashid al-Afasy

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Ruling on using the masbahah (prayer beads)

Zikrullah Remembering ALLAH in Abundance

Zikr: meaning, benefits and the role it has in my life

Istighfar: Seeking Forgiveness from Allah

Dhikr Allah

Rights of Allah and of Fellow Human Beings

Supplication in Islam (Du'a):Part one

Supplication in Islam (Du'a):Part two

Ad-Dua is Worship

Dhikr - Remembering Allah

Polishing the heart

Dua's for Divine Help in Time of Some Dire Need

Dua's for Guidance & Protection

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Sajdat ush-Shukr


Prayer for fulfillment of a need (Salatul-Hajah)

Some du'aa's from Qur'aan

List of Dua's





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