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Salaam alaykum dear visitor,
Jazak Allahu khayran for visiting this website, feel free to leave a message, any comments that you may have, suggestions or if you would like to add anything to this site fill in the commentbox below or send an e-mail.
May Allah bless all Muslims always, ameen. 

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Name: Rabil Lapitan
Country of origin: Mindanao, Philippines
Favorite Section: Death and the Hereafter
I would like to read more about: Death and the Hereafter
Comment: ALLAHU AKBAR!!!
COMMENT OF SITE OWNER: Jazak Allahu khayran for your comment, a few new articles have been added to the Death and the Hereafter section, keep checking in for more updates in the future, insha Allah.

Name: amina
Country of origin: Netherlands
Favorite section:
I would like to read more about:
Comment: Masha Allah!!!!
COMMENT OF SITE OWNER: May Allah bless you, ameen.

Name:  samantha garcia thiem
Country of origin:  spain living in uk
Favorite section:  all mashallah
I would like to read more about:  mashallah it is good like this!!
Comment:   the site is beautiful mashallah!!
and you really did a great job, may allah bless you and make things
easy on you, may peace blessings and mercy be upon the prophet muhammed,
his household and his companions ameen!!!
jazak allah khair sis
COMMENT OF SITE OWNER: wa eyaaki sis...may Allah bless your beautiful heart always, ameen!!!

Name: hussein yusuf
Country of origin: nigeria
Favorite section:  all section
I would like to read more about: non muslim, death and hereafter and marriage
Comment: it's a very good and interesting site. keep it up. stay cool and stay in islam the religion of peace. maa sallam. i would like to know if you answer question.

Name: ameera
Country of origin: india
Favorite section: quran
I would like to read more about: questions n answers
Comment: this site is just wonderful. i would like to know wether u answer questions also.
COMMENT OF SITE OWNER: Members of the yahoogroup can ask questions at the group, non-members can send questions to nur_al_islaam@yahoo.com NOTE: I am not a scholar!! I'll answer questions backed up with ahadeeth and Qur'an so you can check the source for yourself.





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