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Domestic Violence

     What you can do:
  • Know that Allah has given women the right to be respected and that abuse has no place in Islam.
  • Educate yourself on this subject to help yourself become strong and get out of your abusive situation or help others that you know are being abused.
  • Take others serious if they confide in you about their problems and get involved.
  • Ask your Mosque/Islamic center to provide support for people who are being abused, to provide lectures on this subject.
  • Let your family/friends know that you're being abused; keeping silent about it will only help the abuser and not you!
  • In a crisis,always call the emergencynumber. 
  • Turn to Allah for help....without Him we are lost.


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Help for Abusers!!:

My Abusive Attitude

Stories of Abuse:

Zahida Parveen

WARNING: photo included of the mutalated face of Zahida Parveen

Mukhtar Mai

How to Recognize Abuse:

What is Abuse?

Signs of Verbal and Emotional Abuse

How to Get Out:

Safety Plan

Get Help:

Muslim Women's Help Line - UK

Baitul Salaam Network - Atlanta, USA

Kamilat.org - USA/Canada


Muslim Women's League

Website of Mukhtar Mai

Progressive Woman Association Pakistan

Dr. Irene [non-Muslim site, lots of info on abuse and how to get out]

The Narcissistic Personality Disorder [non-Muslim site - lots of articles on NPD]





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