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Words of Wisdom

Anyone who rises above the things of this world, to wich you kneel,
is mightier than you.
-Ibn Hazm
The essence of knowledge is to know
what obedience and worship are.
-Abu Hamid al-Ghazali
O people who take pleasure in a life that will vanish,
falling in love with a fading shadow is sheer stupidity.
-Ibn Qayyim al Jawziyyah
What can my enemies do to me?
My Paradise is in my heart, it is with me wherever i go.
To imprison me is to provide me with seclusion.
To send me into exile is to send me away in the Path of Allah.
And to kill me is to make me a martyr.
-Ibn Taymiyyah
The death of the self lies in the life of the heart.
-Imam Ja'far as-Sadiq
When my heart became constricted and my paths became narrow
i took my hope in Your Pardon and Forgiveness as an opening and
an escape. My sins seemed very great to me but when i compared
French Script MTthem to Your Forgiveness i found Your Forgiveness to be greater.
-Imam Shafi'
If your pride leads you to boast,
you will be doubly guilty,
because your intelligence will have shown
that it is incapable of controlling your pride.
-Ibn Hazm
Many a spoken word is more piercing than an attack.
-Ali ibn Abu Talib
Learn silence as you have learned speech.
Speech will guide you and silence will protect you.
-A scholar of Islam.
Be content with what you have
Be satisfied with your dwelling place to
accommodate your enterprise,
Restrain your tongue,
And shed tears of regret regarding past
sins you committed knowingly, and those
you don not recognize.
-Abdullah bin Mas'ud.
Every drop of sweat
and every breath we take in life,
if not taken for the sake of Allah,
will lead to regret and sorrow
on the Day of Judgment.
-Ibn al Qayyim al Jawziyyah.
Ikhlaas is to forget the vision of creation
by constantly looking at the Creator.
-Abu Uthman.
When you want to mention your companion's faults,
remember your own faults.
-Ibn Abbas.
For those who realize that everything is from God,
everything is the same.
Knowledge no longer exists if one has
ignored the attributes of the
Almighty Great Creator.
-Ibn Hazm.





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