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Leave insignificant things

Leave insignificant things
Shaykh Aaid Al-Qarni


Many are those that are distressed not by pressing matters of great importance, but by minor trifles. Observe the hypocrites how weak they are in their resolution. These are their sayings quoted by the noble Qur’an:

"Those who stayed away [from the Tabuk expedition] rejoiced in their staying behind the Messenger of Allah; they hated to strive and fight with their properties and their lives in the Cause of Allah, and they said: ‘March not forth in the heat.’"
[Surah at-Taubah; 81].

"Grant me leave [to be exempted from Jihad] and put me not into trial?"
[Surah at-Taubah; 81].

How wretched are the souls of such people!

Their principal concerns are for their stomachs, cars, houses, and castles. They never raise their eyes even once to a life of ideals and virtues. Their only concern and the extent of their knowledge is their car, clothes, shoes, and food.

Some people are distressed day and night, because of a disagreement with their spouse, son or relative, or because they have had to forbear criticism, or because of some other trivial event. Such are the calamities of these people.

They have no aspiration to higher principles or goals to keep them busy, and they have no noble ambition in their lives to an end for which they can strive day and night. It has been said, when water leaves a container, it is then filled with air.

Therefore reflect on that which gives you cause for concern or anxiety, and ask yourself: Does it merit your energies and toils? This is an indispensable question, because whatever it is that causes your anxiety, you are, with mind, flesh, and, blood, giving it energy and time. And if it does not merit your energy and time, you have lost much. Psychologists say that you should judge everything in proportion to its true value and then put it in its proper place.

More truthful than this is the saying of Allah:
"Indeed Allah has set a measure for all things."
[Surah at-Talaq; 3].

So pay your attention to each situation according to its size, weight, and measure. And stay away from immoderation or from exceeding the proper bounds - exaggeration.





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